Meet Elixxir

Elixxir is a transaction platform running on a full-stack blockchain. Elixxir nodes are the foundation for a privacy-protecting mix network that can support messaging, payments, and decentralized application (dApp) data transfer.


Payments & messaging
in under 10 seconds


Unprecedented transaction
metadata unlinkability


Near zero catastrophic risk!


Consumer scale transaction
volumes (>100,000 TPS)

The public alpha network is up and running!
View live performance data on our network dashboard:

Network Dashboard

The Elixxir Difference

Two fundamental innovations have enabled Elixxir's ability to scale performance and privacy securely:

Nodes are selected to work together by a decentralized randomized algorithm. This creates increased privacy and network integrity.
All per-transaction public key operations are pre-computed; only “hash functions” are used in real-time per-transaction.