Does Elixxir Work?

By Kate Victoria, July 16, 2019.

The most common question we hear is some variant of “Does Elixxir work?” We get “Does Elixxir work in the lab?” “When can I use it?” “So it works now but only in Alpha? What does that mean?” And the most important: “Can I see proof that it’s working?”

In the blockchain space, the default response to questions has been to release a whitepaper, the logic being that if a user can understand how the technology theoretically will work, they can evaluate the probability of successful implementation. But this involves a measure of trust between the company and the user: the accuracy of the whitepaper has to be trusted; correct implementation according to the design has to be trusted; and, perhaps most important, the user has to trust that the team wants to and will be able to carry the project to success.

As a group with its core in cryptography, we usually assume a baseline of trustlessness in developing solutions. When it came to interacting with the community, it seemed clear that we couldn’t suddenly ask people to trust us.

So we created xx collective. The goal was to involve community members in testing the Elixxir network and witnessing our progress firsthand, as well as to support the community for Elixxir. While testing is technically already available to developers through the Early Access Developer Program, our goal was to make testing available to the entire community, and also to make sure that testing results and performance data were easily accessible.

As a smartphone app, xx collective makes it easy to follow Elixxir’s progress and stay involved with the community. Currently, xx collective has all of the latest Elixxir announcements and event notifications. Later this summer, testing of the Elixxir blockchain through the public AlphaNet will be available through xx collective, along with live network-performance data.

Testing will take the form of using the Elixxir Alpha Messenger, a smartphone messaging dApp running on the Elixxir platform. The Alpha Messenger is designed to have as low a barrier to entry as possible, so that any user can test the network on their phone in just a couple of spare minutes.

As the summer progresses and the public AlphaNet release nears, we will release more information on the Elixxir timeline and xx collective updates. So don’t ask us if Elixxir works—just see for yourself this summer.

Want to hear more? Download xx collective, available on Android and iOS, and never miss an update!

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