NY Blockchain Week Recap

By The Elixxir Team, May 18, 2019.

Thanks to everyone for your support during NY Blockchain Week!

The week was jam-packed with activity for the Elixxir platform! With presentations across Ethereal & Consensus, the release of our cMix Whitepaper, the launch of our BetaNet Node Forum, and the launch of xx collective, NY Blockchain Week was Elixxir’s busiest public week to-date!

Our NY Blockchain Week began a few days early with the release of the Elixxir cMix Whitepaper on May 8th. An update to David’s original mix net protocol, cMix is a cornerstone of the Elixxir platform and powers our best-in-class speed & metadata protection. The whitepaper features a special introduction from our Director of Developer Relations, Peter Somerville, and helps lay out in layman’s terms how cMix works and how it is applied within Elixxir. Read it all on our whitepaper page

Following the whitepaper’s release, we launched step 4 of our BetaNet Node Selection process on May 9th, by publishing all 870 anonymized applications to the new Elixxir Node Forum. The forum will serve as a hub for community discussion & feedback as Elixxir moves toward step 5, scheduled for June 3rd, when an initial set of selected nodes will be published for public review. The 6-step BetaNet Selection process is community-driven and relies on your participation, so please visit below and provide feedback now!

Following those announcements, we kicked off the conference schedule on Saturday, May 10th, with Ethereal where David spoke on Privacy, Metadata, and the Elixxir Solution:

Posted by Elixxir on Saturday, May 11, 2019

And followed up Ethereal with a special presentation from David at R1 Labs' CryptoNouveau leading into Consensus on Monday:

For the start of Consensus, we announced our big launch of the week — xx collective!

Available for both iOS (through TestFlight) and Android, consumers will be able to join an access list on xx collective for testing secure messaging features and evaluating Elixxir’s metadata & content protection as the public AlphaNet builds to consumer scale volume. A “missions” mechanism will allow people to move up the list by working to support the platform. Click below to download xx collective now and join the access list for testing new features!

Monday also saw David, Ben Wenger (VP of Architecture), and Stephanie Vaughan (Chief Financial Officer) on the Consensus Changelog stage to discuss the Elixxir platform & xx collective. That presentation was broadcast via Twitter live and can be viewed below:

All-in-all a great week for the Elixxir platform! Our booth received significant foot traffic with attendees wanting to learn more about the Elixxir platform & xx collective:

And we were invited to stop by the Bloomberg Studio to record a podcast on privacy, the history of digital currency, and Elixxir with Joe Weisenthal for Bloomberg’s Odd Lots podcast (coming out next Monday, May 27th):

We couldn’t be happier about our progress after such an action-packed week, and wanted to thank you all again for the continued support of the Elixxir platform. Exciting times ahead, and clearly a lot to juggle!:

-The Elixxir Team

Want to hear more? Download xx collective, available on Android and iOS, and never miss an update!

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