Welcome to the xx collective

By Caron Kramer, August 15, 2019.

Who we are?

The xx collective is the global community supporting David Chaum’s exciting project, Elixxir. Collective members attend events around the world and stay connected on xx collective. Individuals can also lead a local collective if they believe in the Elixxir mission and want to help spread the word (and enjoy swag like t-shirts!).

How do I join?

Participating in the collective is as easy as downloading the app, xx collective. You can attend xx collective events in your area, sign up to lead your own local collective and even meet David and the team as they travel around the globe. With the success of the Elixxir BetaNet Node community and the support for xx collective, it’s clear that there is a community out there that believes in user privacy and the importance of taking blockchain mainstream.

How can I lead a local collective?

Decentralization has always been the goal, and the xx collective is the next step in this journey. The team will kick off the xx collective with a limited run of events across Europe, bust most local events will be run by volunteers or local leaders who see the value in getting together with others passionate about data privacy, and hopefully like some free swag. These leaders will have exclusive access to the team and will receive support and assistance as is possible. Applications for local leaders are open now!

Apply here!

Who am I?

I recently joined the team here and my main focus will be to jump start the global community surrounding xx collective and David’s projects. I’m open to feedback and suggestions from the community, because I truly believe that this has potential to be a global brand. If you have ideas for the program or want to share any info, please reach out via email.

If you aren’t familiar with Elixxir - this video is a great introduction. Created by world-famous cryptographer David Chaum, father of online anonymity, the Elixxir network protects privacy by combining end-to-end encryption with a mix network that obscures metadata generated by a user's daily activities. The platform will support secure messaging, payments, and decentralized application (dApp) data transfer. Elixxir is capable of supporting high transaction volumes, with extremely fast processing to support global consumer adoption of the decentralized blockchain.

-Caron Kramer

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