During a time when the field of cryptography was focused on end-to-end encryption, David was the first to recognize and focus on the issue of metadata. In his latest blog David highlights the moment he discovered the power of metadata, and the potential threat it posed to the future of our privacy.
The publication of David’s 1981 master’s thesis “Untraceable Electronic Mail, Return Addresses, and Digital Pseudonyms” was a breakthrough moment for cryptography and privacy. But the road to that paper started long before, with a discussion about voting in a backyard along the Northern California redwoods.
The recent hearings on Libra and today’s hearing on cryptocurrency are exciting developments for our booming industry. But we’ve been here before, 25 years ago in fact. Legislation didn’t protect our privacy like some had hoped. It’s time to learn from our mistakes and use new creative technologies to secure our digital future.
David recently delivered the keynote at the Swiss National Bank’s CIF Conference on Crypto Assets & Financial Innovation. In it he breaks down his past 35 years of work, what started it, and how it ties into the Elixxir platform.
The most common question we get is some variant of “Does Elixxir Work?” As a group with its core in cryptography, we usually assume a baseline of trustlessness in developing solutions. When it came to the progress we’ve made with our tech, it seemed clear that we couldn’t suddenly ask people to trust us.
Today marks an important milestone for Elixxir, reached with the help of the wider Elixxir community. Thank you to everyone who submitted a questionnaire, applied to run a node, and participated in the Node Forum. We are honored by your support, and motivated to pursue the Elixxir vision laid out by David Chaum, our Founder and CEO.
The Elixxir team is excited to announce our Early Access Developer Program and the ArrowSDK software development kit. Through this program, we will be offering third-party developers like you an early opportunity to build on the AlphaNet Elixxir protocol. You can submit a proposal for the early access developer program by clicking here.
Step 5 of Elixxir’s BetaNet node selection is here! Today we are publishing an initial selection of node applications for the Elixxir BetaNet, for public review and feedback. You can view the list of selected nodes published to the Node Forum. Following the timeline we laid out in January, this is our “rough draft” of node applications that we believe represent strong candidates to run the BetaNet. Now we want input from you, the members of the Elixxir community, on our selections.
Bitcoin has been around for about ten years. But the dream of a decentralized, anonymous digital currency has been around for decades. On this week's podcast, we speak with one of the original godfathers of the space, David Chaum, an American cryptographer, who first wrote about digital cash in the early 80s. Chaum's original vision wasn't exactly the same as what we know as cryptocurrencies today, but many of the ideas were the same, and Chaum's work was cited by many of the early crypto believers. On this week's podcast, we talk to him about the history of his work, cryptocurrency, and where he sees it going now.
A very special thanks to everyone in our community for all the support during New York Blockchain Week! The week was jam-packed with activity for the Elixxir platform! With presentations across Ethereal & Consensus, the release of our cMix Whitepaper, the launch of our BetaNet Node Forum, and the launch of xx collective, NY Blockchain Week was Elixxir’s busiest public week to-date!
The Elixxir platform has announced the launch of xx collective, an app for members of the community to engage with and track the growth of the platform. Available for both iOS and Android, xx collective offers a first look at news, event notifications and releases, and the opportunity to participate in early feature testing. For iOS users, in accordance with Apple app policies, testing will be supported on a separate platform.
Blockchain-based messaging and payments platform Elixxir—created by the Godfather of Crypto, David Chaum—has moved to a public alpha. On Saturday, the xx collective app was quietly released on both iOS and Android, to provide access to the testing network, which is set to go live in a few months. The new app will finally let those who’ve been following the project get their hands on the app, as well as news about it, in a limited testing mode. The team hopes the alpha will show that Elixxir is user-friendly and ready for consumer adoption; it aims to get tens of thousands of people on-board, to collect feedback.
Step 4 of Elixxir BetaNet node selection is here! We have been completely blown away by the level of interest, with 870 applications submitted from 80 countries. We have reviewed the applications, and are now ready and eager for you to participate and make your voice heard in this next step of the BetaNet node selection process. All anonymized applications are now available on our new Node Forum!
David Chaum's groundbreaking full-stack blockchain platform, Elixxir, closed node applications Friday after receiving 870 submissions for its BetaNet from operators across more than 80 countries. Modeled after the Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) protocol used to standardize the early internet, Elixxir's BetaNet selection process follows six steps. The process was designed to remove the core team's influence over selection by opening applications to community feedback and review.
David Chaum, an early innovator of digital currency, tells The Block that modern blockchains are “a step backwards” from his initial vision. He notes his graduate-school thesis, written in the 80s, pre-empted all but 1 of the key elements in Satoshi’s 2009 white paper. Amid the renewed debate over who Bitcoin’s creator is, Chaum says he’s comfortable with Satoshi Nakamoto remaining anonymous.
Pioneering cryptographer, computer scientist, and inventor focused on preserving consumer privacy online since the 1980s. Invented mix networks, blind signatures, the first cryptocurrency with DigiCash, to enable consumer privacy across messaging and payments. Credited with developing the first concept of a blockchain through my 1979 work on “vault systems” which proposed all elements of blockchain we now see in Bitcoin except proof of work. Academic article can be found

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